Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

As I write this blog post, I reflect on my seven years of experience as a Medical assistant. As a Registered Medical Assistant I learned so much about the causes germs, the effects of sickness and disease.

Most importantly I learned how to stay healthy. I carried that experience into my Child Care Business and I believe mixing the two together has gave me the momentum to build a Quality, Healthy and Safe Child Care Business.

Along with my experience from the medical field, going through the Accreditation process 3-4 times, has inspired me to create a healthy & safe environment for young children.

Now, I am going to share with you (from my experience) 10 steps that you can take to provide a healthier and safe childcare business:

  1. Require that children wash their hands upon arrival
  2. Train your staff to be aware of the health & safety needs of young children in their care. This can be done in weekly memos, mentoring and/or with monthly health & safety meetings.
  3. Create an Illness policy that assures that sick children are not excepted into care and have a plan in place to isolate sick children when they become ill while in your care.
  4. Offer health & safety resources for parents on a regular basis. You are the expert and parents look to you for resources.
  5. Plan health & safety activities in your classroom(s) on a weekly basis. This could include: fire safety, hygiene practices, stranger danger, healthy eating practices, kitchen safety,etc.  Idea: Sing Health & Safety songs,read stories, play healthy games, hang health related posters on the walls.
  6. Conduct a daily or monthly health & safety checklist. Here is a sample Monthly Indoor Checklist
  7. Be sure to train your staff on how to effectively supervise young children. “ Safe Care is Quality care.” Join the How to Effectively Supervise Young Children email list, for more information on child supervision.
  8. Have a procedure in place that assures that your entire program is sanitized at least once a week. This will help to minimize the spread of Germs. Including, sanitizing all toys. * Sanitize mouthed toys daily.
  9. Require that at least 2 staff members (in the home or building) has CPR certification and First aid Training.
  10. If you do not have a first aid kit, create one today. To create your own  first aid kit, you will need: gloves, gauze, band-aids, first aid cream, medical tape, thermometer, splinter remover, ice pack and first aid procedures to refer to. (I may have forgotten some items, but this is a basic first aid kit) Be sure to create a kit for field trips, for your van and to take on the playground. Check out this article on First aid kits. Click here

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Thanks for all that you do for young children and their families,

Shiketa Morgan

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