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When my daughter was a toddler, I chose a home daycare that was near my home. I really like the provider, however, I was quite uncomfortable with her husband being around my child.

In fact, I did not like the fact that her husband walked around the home with no shirt on. I thought it was so unprofessional. Every day that I dropped my daughter off, I grew even more uncomfortable with her husband being around my daughter, so I took my daughter to a family member.

Two years later I opened my very own home daycare and I realized that I had 2 men living  in my home. So I thought about how I would help the parents to feel at ease with the men in my home daycare.  Here is what I did:

  1. When parents would come to tour my home, I would introduce my husband and my teenage brother to the parents.
  2. My husband and my Brother’s background checks were readily made available to parents and this was discussed upon enrolling their children.
  3. I also discussed with the parents if my husband or brother would ever help with the kids and when they were in the home during childcare hours.

I strongly believe that my efforts to help parents feel at ease about the men in my home helped me to build strong relationships with my parents. Moreover, the parents and the kids really liked my brother . My husband is a contractor and many of the parents utilized his remodeling services. My home daycare has been closed for 9 years now and  many of the parents from my home daycare, still call my husband today for his services.

Do you have men in your home and how are they involved in your home daycare?


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