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In my 14 years of being an employer, I have noticed that when employees get too comfortable it can lead to negative experiences in your childcare business. In fact, I must say that from experience, when employees get comfortable, it could lead to licensing violations, inappropriate relationships with parents and many other work place issues.

So take it from me, it is vital that you frequently evaluate the comfort level of your employees and take the necessary steps to keep a spirit of professionalism in your childcare business…not comfort!

I am in no way saying that employees should not enjoy themselves while working in your center, however, I am saying that it is vital that there is a healthy level of professionalism.

How long does it take for an employee to get too comfortable? Well, that really depends on your leadership style and the employee. Let’s take a look at five traits of a comfortable employee;

  1. The employee frequently resists change
  2. The staff member is not seeking to further his or her education
  3. Repeatedly Violates rules or regulations
  4. Crosses professional boundaries with parents, with you and with co-workers
  5. Is not willing to change work schedule or work with a different age group

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. ~Mark Twain

Here are three ways to shake up the comfort level and implement strategies that will challenge your staff members to Grow:

1. Every 6-months rotate your employees or change who the employee works with

2. Update policies once a year and hold staff members accountable for following the rules

3. Be sure that you interact with the staff members in a professional manner and set boundaries during the first 90-days of employment.

I look forward to your thoughts about this blog post and feel free to share your experience with employees who have become too comfortable in your child care business.

Shiketa Morgan

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