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Do you know what the demand for childcare is in your community? In fact, Have you noticed an increase in parents needing early morning, evening or weekend Care?

Are you willing to change your program hours to meet the demand for childcare in your community?

When I first entered the child care industry in 1998, most families worked a 9-to-5 job, now many families are working evenings and weekends in order to survive in a tough economy.

Furthermore, their childcare needs are changing.

According to John Yang of NBC, “ As parents take jobs with odd hours to stay afloat in a difficult economy, their daycare needs go beyond the typical nine to five.’

Moreover, according to the Census Bureau, “Like most service sectors, child care primarily serves local demand.” So what is your local demand?

Is there a demand for more preschool care? Is there a demand for School-age Care? Are parents inquiring about part-day versus full-day?

It is vital that you know the demand for Child Care in your Community. In fact, when you know the demands of Child Care in your area, you could easily fill your enrollment slots.

Here are 5 ways to discover the Demand for Child Care in your Community?

1. Pay close attention to the questions that parents are asking when they inquire about childcare.

2. Contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency to find out the childcare needs of the families in your community.

3. Be flexible. When printing flyers, advertise Part or full-time care. If you open before 6:00am or close later than most daycare’s; be sure to indicate that information on your flyers.

4. Some daycare providers are willing to share , so don’t be shy. Contact surrounding day cares to find out how they seek to meet the need or demand of Child Care in the Community.

5. Contact Businesses in the surrounding community. Find out the hours of the Businesses, then find out how much of their workforce consists of working families. Then, cater to the Child Care needs of those families.

I would love to read your thoughts about this blog post, feel free to leave a comment below and I will join the discussion.

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