Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses


I have been busy coaching in my Doing Business by Faith Mentorship Program. My goal for 2018, is  to create a coaching program where all of my coaching clients will have access to information that will empower them to build a successful Business.

If you are serious about growing your business or creating a mindset for success, I want to invite you to join me and other Child Care Business owners in my New Coaching program.

In the program, you will receive weekly coaching emails from me, you will have access to my private group on facebook and a monthly group coaching call!

Our monthly Coaching Topics are as follows:

January:Your Vision
February: Building Your Faith For Success
March: Business Growth Strategies
April: Developing a Mindset for Success
May: Money Management (for Business)
June: Leadership Development
July: Taking Care of You
August: Multiple Streams of Income
September: Time management
October: Marketing Your Business Online
November-December: Ending the Year Strong!

When you sign-up you will have access to previous coaching content!

Sign-up today and get empowered at…

Hope to hear from you soon,

Shiketa Morgan

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