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Several days before writing this email I received a Email from my Human Resource specialist. She asked me if I needed any assistance and I responded, yes! We need mote staff!

She replied, “This has been a very difficult year for most of our clients. In fact it has been hard to staff during this great Resignation.” That email also included suggestions to help lower turnover rate:

  1. Pay a competitive salary
  2. Do exit interviews to assess why staff are leaving

After reading that email, I decided to do some research on the term: Great Resignation and I found this forbes article and here is a quote from this article:

“This Great Reshuffling caused salary demands to explode, leaving many smaller companies struggling to fill roles. Current unemployment rates are near an all-time low of 3.8%, but in February 2022, there were over eleven million unfilled positions in the U.S., the largest number ever recorded.

For any hiring manager or recruiter not armed with FAANG-sized compensation budgets, this period has been a challenge. And although it may seem like the “Great Resignation” is still roaring ahead, there are several massive shifts happening under the surface that I believe will turn the Great Resignation around.”

So as you can clearly see the big picture, it is vital that you as an employer stay creative during this time and pay close attention to the needs of your employees. Moreover, strive to create an work environment that supports the needs of your staff.

Has your Child Care Business seen a high Resignation rate? If so, How has it affected your business?

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