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At the beginning of every business year, I remove my old business expense folders and create new folders for the upcoming business year.

This may be a old system, however it works and it has me to keep all of my receipts in a organized manner.

I want to encourage you to get organized and take the time to create your business expense 📂 folders.

Here’s an example of business Expense files that will make it easier for you at tax time and help you maximize your business expenses:

  1. Payroll expenses
  2. Utilities
  3. Vehicle Expenses
  4. Business cell phone
  5. Business credit cards
  6. Home office expenses
  7. Insurance
  8. Supplies
  9. Marketing
  10. Travel
  11. Health expenses

That’s just a small list of expenses that you can claim on your business taxes.

If you need Assistance with your taxes, please be sure to contact your tax advisor or click here for my featured Tax professional.

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