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How to Have More Successful Licensing and Food Program Monitoring Visits

How was your last licensing or Food program monitoring visit?  Were you in compliance?

I must say that if your last visit was perfect, then you may already know the key to having successful licensing or food program monitoring visits.

If your visits were not perfect, don’t worry; today I am going to share some success strategies with you, that will empower you to be more prepared for UN-announced and announced monitoring visits and have more successful licensing visits!

1. Develop this mindset. Treat everyday as if you will have a monitoring visit. In fact, this mindset will eliminate the stress that you feel when you have an UN-announced monitoring visit.

2. Review Food Program paper work on a regular basis. Review your food program forms and attendance records on a daily basis; total forms every week instead of once a month. File food receipts daily or once a week. Be sure that menus are posted and save all food program records for at least  three years. Be sure to review any new policies and keep them posted as a reminder.** Be sure that parents are signing children in/out of the program.

Center Owners! Don’t forget to conduct an annual staff training of the food program regulations and update Income Eligibility forms once a year.

3. Conduct Your Very Own Licensing Inspections. Once a month, evaluate your program based on licensing regulations and if you notice violations, correct them as soon as possible. Also, be sure to train your staff on licensing regulations and test their knowledge in staff meetings.

* Be sure that every child’s enrollment form is thoroughly completed; immunizations are up to date along with physicals. *Don’t forget to check the staff records for required documents!!

4. Signs are helpful: Be sure to post licensing guidelines to serve as a friendly reminder and change the signs as needed.

5. Stay Focused. Develop a system and stick to it! In fact, I suggest that you create a checklist, to assure that your home daycare or child care center is in compliance with your local Licensing office and/or Food program. Again stay focused on your goal to having successful visits and I look forward to hearing about your next monitoring visit!

To your success!


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Getting Your ChildCare Business Organized For a Great Year!

Throughout the month of January 2012, I have been preparing my center for Annual licencing Visits and it is time for us to renew Accreditation. I know it may sound like a lot of work, however, I have decided that my staff and I must get organized in order to accomplish successful licensing visits and to become re-accredited.

My first inspection of the year was a fire inspection and all went well. Our second inspection was a Sanitation and Food Service Inspection. I was so excited that the health departed rated my food service department with an “A.” When I looked at the report, I thought about all the organization that it took to assure that we passed the inspection the first time.

My next visit is my license specialist visit in February 2012 and a Missouri Accreditation observation visit in March 2012. With all of these upcoming inspections, I have found my self being more focused and organized like never before and I want to share with you some tips on how to get more organized for a Great year!

  1. Always be prepared for license visits. Take a look at your last inspection and strive to meet all the requirements to prevent re-visits.
  2. If you have employees, train them on the Licensing inspection forms and challenge them to help you to assure that your program is in compliance with your state childcare regulations. Be sure to discuss areas of improvement in the form of a weekly meeting.
  3. Create health/safety checklist to assure that you meet licensing/accreditation guidelines.
  4. Get parents feedback! Your parents will be glad to help you to create a great program. Create and issue a parent survey as soon as possible. It is vital that you know how parents feel about your program. Be sure to upload the feedback to your website or social media pages. Feel free to sample my program survey.
  5. Read a new business book or an entrepreneur magazine every month, to keep your creative juices going.
  6. When everyone leaves for the day, walk your business and look for disorder and get it organized. An organized environment looks good to the eye and kids learn best in an organized environment.
  7. Make a decision that this is going to be a great year for your business.  In fact, you have the power to create a great childcare business with much organization and focus.

This year ,my goal is to get my business more organized, keep my office organized, finish incorporating the Reggio Emilia look, update my foyer area, update the playground, make more money than I’ve ever made in previous years and I’m looking forward to trading in my minivan for my heart’s desire.

I hope you have been inspired to organize your business for success and make this a great year in business. What are your goals for your childcare business? Feel free to share…


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