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How Your Team Can Help You Build Your Brand Online

How much time do you spend marketing your Child Care Business Online? Have you considered involving your team in the online marketing process?

I am almost finished writing my new book, The Online Marketing Guide for the Business of Child Care. In fact, I just finished writing a chapter titled: How Your Team Can Help. This chapter is all about the importance of getting your staff involved in the online marketing process and selecting a designated a staff member to help you with the online marketing process.

As a busy Child Care Business Owner, you may not have time to post daily, however, someone else would love to help you to build your brand online. So why not give them the opportunity.

Marketing your child care business online is free and is one of the top ways to attract new families to your child care business. You cannot afford to not have an online presence!

In my new book, I will share with you ways to get your staff involved in the online marketing process and help you to build your brand at the same time. Also, this book is loaded with my online marketing enrollment building secrets!

My new book will be available for download on Amazon soon! Subscribe to book updates here.

Shiketa Morgan

Get my book Lead by Faith!

Leading By Faith

“As you Grow as a Leader, Your Business Grows”

In January 2021, I began writing my new book, Lead by Faith. I was inspired to write this book, because it has taken nothing less that Big Faith to operate a child care center, meet the needs of families that my center serve along with leading my staff.

In fact, operating a childcare business comes with it’s rewards, however it also comes with so many demands. Along with all the rewards, the demands could lead to burn out, lots of stressful days and you could even be tempted to quit sometimes.

However, I believe that there is one thing that inspires you to keep going, even when times get tough and that is….FAITH!

A leader with Big Faith, has the inspiration to Lead through tough times and has a bounce back in his or her spirit. Most of all, a Leader with Big Faith has lots of hope and courage to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are.

In my new book, I share my journey of going from a home daycare provider to a center owner by Faith. Also, I share principles on how to build your Faith as you grow your business, how to lead through tough times, wisdom keys for business success, how to become a focused leader, how to lead like a Pilot and so much more!

Download the ebook today, take a look inside and order the paperback copy on Amazon. Most of all be sure to join my Lead by Faith Book Club on Facebook for discussion.

Keep Leading by Faith,

Shiketa Morgan

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