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Planning for a Dynamic Summer Camp

I can hardly believe that the month of March is almost over!

In fact, it’s really hard to believe that  in approximately 60-days, Summer will be here!

Today I want to inspire you to start planning a dynamic Summer program!

Furthermore, parents love for their children to be in a Summer program that is Fun, Filled with lots of Activities along with fun field trips.

Do you need some Summer Camp Planning ideas? If so, check out my Summer Camp Planning Guide.

Your Child Care Business Coach,

Creating a Safe and Fun Summer For Kids

I want to invite you to join me in a Facebook Live Coaching Session on Thursday May 21, 2020.

Summer is almost here and I want to empower you to create a Safe and Fun Summer Camp for Kids!

See the Flyer below and  I hope to see you on my upcoming Live!


You can find the Live on the Child Care Business Owner Institute Facebook Page!

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