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Journal Your Way to Success

I have been journaling as a Business Owner for over 20 years now. Journaling has helped me to reflect and come up with solutions for many of the challenges that I have faced as a Child Care Business Owner.

In fact, I beleive that, journaling is a great way to  grow as a Business Owner. As a Former Director, I had many stressful days because I struggled as a Leader and I struggled with trying to meet the need of everyone else including: staff, kids and parents.

Journaling is very valuable to your Journey as a Director, a as Home Provider and even as a Center Owner. Listen to the audio below and be Inspired to Journal!

Shiketa Morgan

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This Is The Time to Update Your Parent Handbook

This is the time to review and update your parent handbook as you reopen or build enrollment for the fall.Shiketa Morgan Publications Logo

When you enroll new children in your Child Care Facility, parents need to be informed of your policies and procedures. The best way to inform parents about your program policies is by issuing a parent handbook.

The parent handbook that I have created is designed to provide your parents with an overview of your facilities policies and procedures. It is also a great way to orientate families into your program and market your childcare program to families that are considering enrolling their children in your program. The handbook also includes a sample transportation policy, emergency preparedness letter and a payment agreement.

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