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Picking Good People…The Test of Your Leadership

 Picking good people for your business can sometimes seem like a treasure hunt and it is a test of your leadership. In fact, this has been the area of operating a childcare business that has tested my leadership on may occasions.

During the interview process the applicant appears to be positive, he or she will say all the right things and wear the right clothes. However, the test begins on the first day of employment.

One thing that I have learned with selecting employees, is the simple fact that people do not reveal their true self until after they have been hired. Today I want to share with you some tips on how to pick good people for your child care business.

Selecting a Good Employee For Your Child Care Business

Schedule an interview with potential applicants during a time when the kids are gone are sleeping. Ask the following questions:

  1. Tell me about you
  2. Why should I hire you
  3. Are you willing to work flexible hours
  4. What would your previous employer tell me about you
  5. What are your goals
  6. What would a day be like in your class

Asking the  questions above, will help you to determine if you want this person working in your childcare business or not. Be sure to contact the applicant’s previous employer, to verify employment dates and ask the following question, “Would you rehire this person.” If they say “No”, then I think you can make an educated decision and decide if this person is right for your business.

What happens if you discover that this person is not  right  for your business

Another Lesson that I have learned in this business is; “Be fast to fire and slow to hire.” If you notice behavior that you do not like, address it immediately and discuss a plan of correction. If the employee continues to repeat the behavior, do not hesitate to terminate employment.

Employees are very observant and if they notice that you will allow them to slack in the beginning, they will continue that behavior throughout their employment in your business.

If you keep the wrong person on your team, it will cause you more headaches than you ever thought you could have. The wrong person= wrong results.

Here are some traits of the wrong person: gossip starter, negative about your business, does not honor your request, slacks in performance along with many other negative attributes.

There is no perfect employee, however, you would know when an employee is right for your business, because you will see good results and  you would be so glad that you made the decision to hire the employee.

Moreover, picking the right people will make your job easier and they will be an extension of you and represent your business well!

Bob Biehl says that 60-80% of the success of any company is in these 3 factors:

  • Clear direction
  • “The Right people”
  • Sound finances

Happy Employee Selection,


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Are You In Compliance with the e-Verify System?

About a year ago, I received a notice in the mail from the Government that informed me that my childcare business was required to verify that my employees were not illegal immigrants. Moreover, the letter indicated that I was required to register my company with e-verify.

After reading the letter, I thought: ” Oh boy one more thing to do!”  Then I thought about the immigration problems that our country was having and I completely understood the reason for the e-verify system.

What is e-Verify?

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

Does Your childcare business receive funds from the government?

If your childcare business receives funds from the government, it is vital that you register your employees with e-verify, because it is the Law and you do not want to risk losing any government funding.

What I recently discovered about the e-verify system

First of all, I want to be the first to admit to you that I was slacking with this system, however, all of my employees are now e-verified and I am in compliance with the law. Furthermore, I am writing this blog post to share with you three things that I recently discovered after reviewing the e-verify tutorial online:

  • You must conduct a e-verify within 3 days of hiring a new employee
  • You must print and post the following posters : E-Verify Participation Poster and The Right to Work Poster in your business
  • It is the Law! I thought that it was a requirement for businesses receiving government funs only.

You may already be complying with this law and if so, great job. If not, visit the e-verify site today, so that you are in compliance with Employment Eligibility Laws.

For more information on the e-Verify Law, click here

What are your thoughts about the e-verify system? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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