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One Decision Could Change Your Business

In 2013 I noticed that my enrollment began to decline. I had a great marketing plan and a child care program that Parents loved. I refused to quit and kept working on building enrollment, holding open houses and inviting parents to help me spread the word about the center.

Then in 2014, I knew it was time to expand the Business. In fact, I had been at that location for over 12 years and it seemed like the need for childcare was declining in the area.

Over a course of 2 years I lost about 80,000 in income and the business was struggling. Then in August 2014, I received a text message from my massage therapist. In the test message was a photo of a Child Care Facility.

I looked at the picture message and I thought, this could be my new building that I’ve been dreaming of. So, I contacted the Owners of the Building, signed the lease 60 days later and moved into the Building December 1, 2014.

I must say that, moving into that location was the one of the best decisions that I could have every made!

My income has increased, My Assistant Director and I spend our days conducting tours, I have 8 new employees. Most of all, my business is no longer struggling, because I dared to make one decision: Expand!

Furthermore, My business moved only 10 minutes a way from the old location and it made a dramatic difference in enrollment. If your enrollment is low, it may not be your marketing plan, it simply may be a matterĀ  of you making the decision to relocate or do something different. ” If you want something different, you have got to do something different.”

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments…


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Planning Fieldtrips For Your Summer Program

imagesCATF3502During the month of April, I plan my entire Summer Field trip Schedule. In fact, my field trip schedule for the preschoolers and the School-age children are slightly different.

The School-age children go on field trips every day and the preschoolers go on a field trip every other week. I plan daily field trips for the School-age children because they get bored being indoors all day and they need some time away from the program.

However, preschoolers need more supervision on field trips and I believe the liability is greater to take preschoolers on field trips every day.

So, here is what I recommend that you do before planning field trips:

  1. Create a field trip policy for your Summer Camp and train your staff on your policies.
  2. Places that you can take the School-age children every week include: The local park, Library, Free movie Camp and visit a local attraction. (For at least 1-2 hours a day)
  3. Plan to take the preschoolers on a field trip every other week and invite parents to join you, to assure adequate supervision.

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