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Quality Child Care Begins With You…

Because Kids Deserve Quality Child Care…

When my childcare center received its first Accreditation back in 2006, I thought about how much work it took to get accredited. In fact, I held weekly quality care meetings with my staff, I met with lead teachers one on one, created parent surveys, and conducted on on-site assessments.

Yes, I became a Coach in my very own childcare facility. However, I must be quite honest with you and say this, there were time when I did not feel like assessing the quality of care in my program; sometimes I didn’t feel like holding another staff meeting and quite frankly I came to the conclusion that, if I was going to build a Quality Child Care Business; I must plan for it whether I felt like it or not!

In fact, my #1 mission in my childcare business and for this blog is to provide and promote quality childcare. Furthermore, I believe that you are also determined to build a quality childcare business!

I am writing this blog post today, to inspire you to create a quality care plan for your center. If you don’t know where to start, start by subscribing to my 7 steps to quality care eCourse.

Also, the Quality Child Care Center eClub will be available soon. This eClub will provide Child Care Center Owners with the latest Quality Care tips for their childcare business.

I know that this eclub is needed, because I get childcare news alerts about daycare violations everyday and this tells me that we need to improve the quality of childcare in our home day cares and childcare centers.

I am passionate about quality care because I know it makes a difference. In fact, it made a difference in my family home childcare business and in my center. Moreover, the quality of care that I provided caused me to stand out from other facilities and it will do the same for you!

Furthermore, quality childcare practices provides you with high standards to implement in your program. Also, parents are more knowledgeable than ever about how to choose quality childcare and they know quality when they see it.

Check out the Quality Care Checklist that Child Care Aware issues to parents who are looking for childcare, click here.

If you are as passionate as I am about quality childcare, I hope that you share this blog post on your social media page and leave your comments below about how you plan to improve the quality of care in your program.

Change begins with you!

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