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Earlier this week, I noticed  that I needed two more cots after enrolling seven children during the month of January. So I decided to call local daycare providers that were on my Networking list and Ms. Joy was the first provider that I called. She had some extra cots, so I decided to stop by her new daycare location.

When I walked into Ms. Joy’s home, I was amazed at the colors, organization and creativity of the space.

In fact, I really loved the fact that Ms. Joy’s Child Care space was well maintained and how she utilized her entire home to allow enough space for the children.

Furthermore, I asked Ms. Joy if I could take photos of the neat items and spaces that I saw in her daycare and she replied sure! So, I thought I would share  those photos with you. Check out the photos below:

Love this sign!


The best payment box that I have ever seen!


Loved how Ms. Joy displays her menu!


Cool entry way to the kitchen area


Time out or as Ms. Joy calls it..”Chill Out Chair”


Changing Table Mounted on the wall.


Love the organization!


Very festive safety gate at the kitchen doorway.


I hope that this blog post has been as inspiration for you and I look forward to reading your thoughts about this month’s featured Child Care Business Owner!

Ms. Joy is a 24-hour State Licensed Family Home Provider Living in St. Ann, MO. Be sure to visit Ms. Joy’s Website  Also, Ms. Joy is a Fitness instructor for PhatgurlFit! Classes held @ Feel Good Fitness – 5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd – St.Louis Outlet Mall (Mills) Across from Nike – PhatGurl Fit schedule is Tues thru Sat 7:00pm till 7:45pm –  Connect with Ms. Joy on Facebook!

Do you have a cool space or ideas to share with other child care business owners. Email your photos and your story to me at


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