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In my 10 years of  being a center owner, I have noticed that the child care industry has a very high staff turnover rate. In fact, sometimes I get very irritated at the lack of commitment from many of the staff members, however, I know that I must grow as a leader in order to effectively deal with the challenges that come along with operating a center.

Moreover, I do not look forward to seeing the look on a parent’s face when their child’s teacher leaves the center, however, you must remain professional and  reassure the parent that you are seeking to hire the best teacher for the job.

I  have seen many staff members come and go; some employees have stayed for 3-weeks or less, my longest employed staff member was with me for over 7 years and several employees were on my team for two or more years.

As I think back on what inspired my employees to stay with me; I was  inspired to share with you, what I believe contributes to a High Turnover  and what causes employees to stay with you.

Why I believe that there is a High Turnover in Child Care Center

There are many factors to consider in terms of the staff turnover rate in child care centers and I believe that the top six are as follows:

  1. The Owner or hiring manager must be able  to select the right person for the center. *Every one is not a perfect match for your center
  2. When enrollment is low, Owners are forced to cut hours and this could lead to staff members search for new jobs.
  3. There is a need for more trained early childhood professionals
  4. The Staff members may not respect management
  5. Centers can use more financial assistance to help pay for higher salaries for Early Childhood Professionals
  6. We as Owners must develop vital leadership skills, so that we are empowered to handle staff issues that may lead to a high turnover

7 Ways to Make Your Center a Great Place to Work

  1. Pay your employees more than what they have made at a previous Job.
  2. Offer paid Holidays and Vacation Time
  3. Conduct an Orientation that introduces your new staff members to your center and the other staff members. ** be sure that it is full of excitement
  4. Hold Monthly Staff Potlucks
  5. Plan a fun event for all the staff to come together once a year. (shopping trip, visit a spa, etc)
  6. Be a Positive boss and your employees will be positive
  7. Offer opportunities or financial assistance for the staff to enhance their education
  8. Provide a cool and relaxing place for breaks
  9. Buy lunch 3-4 times a year, your staff members will love it!

For more tips on how to effectively manage staff or tips on how to build a Successful Child Care Center, Check out my ebook: The Art of Owning a Child Care Center.

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