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My first preschool graduation was held in my family home childcare business in 2002. I ordered two preschool graduation certificates, decorated my home with graduation hats and streamers.

Before the graduation day, I bought a large poster board and invited all the children in my home daycare to add their hand prints to the poster board (with paint) and in the center of the poster board I wrote the following words: We will miss you Drue and Jordan!

The day of the graduation, the mother of the graduates was my only guest. The day of the graduation, I simply issued the preschool diplomas to my graduates along with a special gift; we took pictures and celebrated with the graduates.

When I expanded my program to a Center, I wrestled with the thought of having a formal graduation, because that meant inviting family members and a formal ceremony (which caused a little anxiety in me).

So, I decided to hold a simple year-end party at the end of every school year beginning in 2003. Then in 2007, many of the parents began to request that we hold a formal event and I am so glad that I decided to hold a formal preschool graduation.

My year-end parties were so much fun, however, I find that parents prefer to attend a preschool graduation. In fact, in my 14 years of being a Child Care Business Owner, only one of my families thought it was a silly idea to hold a graduation.

Need ideas for your upcoming End of the Year Preschool events, see the links below. So which do you prefer? Preschool Graduation or a Year End Party? Do you choose not to hold a preschool graduation and why? Feel free to share.


Graduation  Resource Links

10 ideas for a fun preschool end of year party

How to set-up a graduation for preschoolers

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