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Building Enrollment with the Law of Reciprocity


The Definition of the Law of reciprocity: When someone gives you something, you feel an obligation to give something back.

Many businesses have implemented this law into their business and this is why you will see ads with the following statement“Try it before you buy it, claim your free gift or take a trial run.”

Also, when you browse the web, you will find many websites that offer a free gift for their visitors. Offering a free gift to potential customers is a great way to gain influence and increase your chances of closing a sale or in childcare terms……Building Enrollment!

When I first discovered the Law of Reciprocity I introduced the Law of Reciprocity to the members of my 21-Day Mastermind e-Club and I immediately decided to offer a free gift to parents who visit my center.

After implementing the Law of Reciprocity in my childcare business, I saw an increase in enrollment. In fact, every parent that I gave a free gift to…. enrolled their child.

Today I want to inspire you to implement the Law of Reciprocity in your childcare business. Here are three ideas on how to implement the Law of Reciprocity;

  1. Offer a Free Gift upon touring the program, such as; a toy or a book from the dollar store or  even a home-made gift.
  2. When parents join your email list on your website, create and offer a free e-book. You can create a simple 3-5 page e-book using Microsoft word on your computer on the one of the following topics: parenting, activities at home, how to choose quality childcare, etc. Be sure to add your website and phone number to the last page of the e-book.
  3. Offer a Trial Day! Let them try it before they enroll.

As you begin to implement the Law of reciprocity, keep in mind that when you offer something free, you increase your chances of building enrollment!

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Are you utilizing the power of color on your childcare business website?


In the August 2012 edition of the Website Magazine, Paul Veugen wrote: “Colors have a very powerful and multi-level impact on us. They function in very practical ways and help us to make sense of things, such as finding our way on a website. At the same time they trigger our emotions and influence the way we think and feel.’

After reading Paul’s article, I was eager to visit my website to evaluate how I was utilizing colors on the website. I discovered that I needed to make a few color changes on my website.

Furthermore, I hope that you have been inspired to evaluate how you are utilizing color on your website. However, before you take a look at your website, I want to share three tips with you about  using the power of color on your website:

1. Define your main target group (families/kids) and research what different colors mean to them.

2. Think of what you want parents to think about you. In fact, use colors that represent the image of your target market (families/kids)

3. Too many colors on your website will overstimulate the minds of your website visitors. So be sure to only use no more than three colors on your website.

Also, as I browsed the web looking for the meaning of colors, I discovered that orange and yellow are perfect colors that describe the energy of kids and they are as follows: energetic, fun, happy, bright, friendly, intellectual, etc.

Are you ready to utilize colors that will attract and not repel parents? Check out the websites below and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.




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