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Planning a Dental Health Day

Developing good habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental

visits helps children get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

~American Dental Association

February is National Dental Health Month and the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.

If you have not already been promoting Dental Health in your childcare business, today I want to inspire you to promote Dental health by planning a Dental Health Day. Need some ideas? I have lots of ideas!

1. Contact a local dentist and ask if he or she would like to donate dental health literature for your Dental Health Day. Also ask for tooth-brush/tooth paste  donations.

2.  Set up a table near the sign-in/out area and provide parents with Dental health literature.  Get articles here

3. Provide the children with dental health activities. For ideas, click here

4. Invite a Dental health professional to stop by your program to talk with the children about taking care of their teeth.

5. Create a Banner on your Computer that Reads: We love healthy Teeth at ” Your Program’s Name.”

Those are just a few ideas and I hope that you have been inspired to promote dental health during the month of February!

For more Dental health ideas, visit the following websites:


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Turn Your Child Care Business into a Festive Wonderland of Holiday Cheer!

Capture the attention of the Parents and the Children this Holiday Season!


Recently, I stopped by a day spa in Ellisville, Missouri.  I was so impressed at how the owner took the time to wrap gift boxes and place them through out the spa. It felt like Christmas in that business and I really enjoyed looking at the gift boxes. In fact, I was so impressed with how the decorations made me feel, I decided to buy empty boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon to add a more festive look to my childcare business.

According to Christmas Decor design consultants, there are five reasons to decorate your business for the holidays and they are as follows:

  • Trigger Holiday Shopping
  • Highlight Your Business
  • Attract and Retain New Customers
  • Enhance Employee Morale
  • Improve Grand Openings


Here are some Fun and Festive Decorating ideas for your Child Care Business:

1. Purchase an artificial tree and invite the children to decorate it

2. Invite the parents to donate gift boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon. Once the boxes are wrapped place them throughout your childcare business.

3. Hang a wreath on the outside of your door where the parents and children enter.

4. Hang Christmas Cards around your business

5. Play soft Christmas Music throughout the day

6. Add Cinnamon scented pine cones near the sign-in table, it’s a wonderful smell at Christmas Time

7. Hang a Stocking for each child and staff member. Invite staff members to secretly bring gifts for one another.

8. Add a Christmas theme to your bulletin boards

9. Hang garland along the playground fence and add red bows

I hope that you have a very festive and Merry Christmas! I look forward to reading your comments about this post and please feel free to share your Christmas Decorating ideas.

~Shiketa Morgan

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