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How I Mastered The Business of Family Child Care

How I Mastered The Business of Family Child Care in 4 Years

I opened my first Family home Child Care Business in November 1998. I left a career as a Medical Assistant to stay home with my children. Starting a family home child care business was the perfect business for me and my family.

When I started my daycare I had no prior child care experience, other than being a mom and health care experience. In fact, when I decided to stay home with my children, a representative from the local Child Daycare Association stopped by my home and gave me some daycare resources to read.

After reading all the resources, I was only partially prepared for the journey as a Family Home Child Care provider. Furthermore, the first day that I opened my daycare, I was so nervous, because I realized that parents were trusting me with their  Children. Not that I was wasn’t to be trusted, I just wanted to do a great job for parents!!

I was determined to grow as a provider. Furthermore, I learned from other providers, I registered for college classes and I was eager to take my Business to the next level.

The first year… 1999

I went from being  unlicensed to a Licensed provider. Furthermore, the need in my community motivated me to grow my business from 4-to-10 children. That first year, was a very prosperous  and exciting year!

The second year…2000

The year I started my first website,  bought my first home computer and fax machine! This was the year I became a technology savvy Woman!

The third year….2001

This was the year that I decided to become an in-home preschool and I incorporated my business. In fact, I changed the name of my daycare from Morgan Daycare to Learning Days and I turned my whole house into a preschool.

My husband had to remodel the basement, because the entire upstairs was daycare space. Then I decided to increase my knowledge and go back to school. The information that I learned while going to school caused me to want to educate more children and I decided to move the Business out of my home. The building search began!

Fourth Year….2002

I applied for NAFCC Accreditation (as recommended by my mentor) and I began studying research based preschool curriculum programs, along with implementing developmentally appropriate practices in my daycare.

After completing the self-study process, I received my NAFCC Accreditation in March of 2003; 30 days before moving into my first Child Care Center!!

I was ready for expansion, because I knew I had Mastered  The Business of Family Child Care.

As you can see, I accomplished a lot in 4 -years and I believe that my growth was due to my willingness to seek knowledge, my commitment to professionalism and I ran the business as if it was a commercial location, along with the guidance of great mentors!

In summary, knowledge is power and if you want to grow your Business, you must be willing to learn more, be teachable, stretch yourself and choose to go to another level every year that you are in business!

I hope that my story has inspired you to become a Master at what you do!!


Are you ready to go to another level as a Family Home Child Care provider? I invite you to join the Family Home Child Care Empowerment Club.

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Fall Decor Ideas

As the month of August comes to an end, I am planning to decorate my Child Care Center with  Fall decor. The Summer was wonderful, however, its time to decorate for the fall!

In fact, I just love the month of September; the weather is not too hot and some days are filled with a cool fall breeze. Furthermore, I love to decorate and change the decor in my Center as the seasons change,

Today I am going to share with you, 3 easy ways to decorate your Child Care Business with Fall Decor.


1. Decorate the outside of your home or center with fall mums. It’s a great way to welcome the parents and children. Be sure to have a watering plan. In fact, watering the mums is a fun chore for the children.


2. Welcome the children and parents with Fall related Bulletin Boards. Adding fall decor to your bulletin boards is a great way to add more color to your childcare program.


3. Don’t forget about the windows. Adding some colorful fall leaves and pumpkins to your windows is a great way to get the attention of cars driving by your home or center. In fact, decorating your windows, gives your childcare business a bit more personality and it just may compel families to stop by.

fall window clings

So, are you ready to decorate for the fall? If so, I think it will add a fresh look to your program; you will enjoy it and the kids will love it too!  Need Fall Activity ideas? Join my Curriculum Club, click here

Happy Decorating!


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