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Fall Decor Ideas

As the month of August comes to an end, I am planning to decorate my Child Care Center with  Fall decor. The Summer was wonderful, however, its time to decorate for the fall!

In fact, I just love the month of September; the weather is not too hot and some days are filled with a cool fall breeze. Furthermore, I love to decorate and change the decor in my Center as the seasons change,

Today I am going to share with you, 3 easy ways to decorate your Child Care Business with Fall Decor.


1. Decorate the outside of your home or center with fall mums. It’s a great way to welcome the parents and children. Be sure to have a watering plan. In fact, watering the mums is a fun chore for the children.


2. Welcome the children and parents with Fall related Bulletin Boards. Adding fall decor to your bulletin boards is a great way to add more color to your childcare program.


3. Don’t forget about the windows. Adding some colorful fall leaves and pumpkins to your windows is a great way to get the attention of cars driving by your home or center. In fact, decorating your windows, gives your childcare business a bit more personality and it just may compel families to stop by.

fall window clings

So, are you ready to decorate for the fall? If so, I think it will add a fresh look to your program; you will enjoy it and the kids will love it too!  Need Fall Activity ideas? Join my Curriculum Club, click here

Happy Decorating!


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