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Are you utilizing the power of color on your childcare business website?


In the August 2012 edition of the Website Magazine, Paul Veugen wrote: “Colors have a very powerful and multi-level impact on us. They function in very practical ways and help us to make sense of things, such as finding our way on a website. At the same time they trigger our emotions and influence the way we think and feel.’

After reading Paul’s article, I was eager to visit my website to evaluate how I was utilizing colors on the website. I discovered that I needed to make a few color changes on my website.

Furthermore, I hope that you have been inspired to evaluate how you are utilizing color on your website. However, before you take a look at your website, I want to share three tips with you about  using the power of color on your website:

1. Define your main target group (families/kids) and research what different colors mean to them.

2. Think of what you want parents to think about you. In fact, use colors that represent the image of your target market (families/kids)

3. Too many colors on your website will overstimulate the minds of your website visitors. So be sure to only use no more than three colors on your website.

Also, as I browsed the web looking for the meaning of colors, I discovered that orange and yellow are perfect colors that describe the energy of kids and they are as follows: energetic, fun, happy, bright, friendly, intellectual, etc.

Are you ready to utilize colors that will attract and not repel parents? Check out the websites below and I look forward to reading your comments about this blog post.




How to Create a Cool Video of Your Preschool Graduates!

Several months ago,  Andrea Dickerson (Owner of Akeba Academy) told me about a website called, “Animoto.” In fact, I saw a cool video of her program on her Facebook page that was created on the Animoto website.  After viewing Andrea’s Video, I decided to use Animoto to market my program and events.

In fact, I  just created a cool video of my preschool graduate on the Animoto website.  Today I am going  to share  with you; how to create a cool video of your Preschool Graduates.

1. Go to to create an account.

2. Choose your “Free” video template

3. Add words to you slides

4. Upload photos of your graduates

5. Share the video with parents

6. Be sure to upload the video to your website.

Check out my video!

Your parents will love the fact that you took the tag to create such a memorable treasure!

With Your Preschool Graduates in mind,


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