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A Successful and fun summer camp begins with having trained staff. This is why it is vital that you schedule a time shortly before your summer camp starts, to host a summer camp training session.

In fact, when your staff knows what you expect and they have the information that they need to perform their duties effectively and this will = A Safe and Fun summer camp.

Here are five training points to discuss with your staff:

  • First Aid procedures– Discuss how to handle bee stings, injuries, heat illness, etc. Share this article with your staff; Being prepared the first aid kit
  • Weather/Outdoor time– Talk about when the children are to go outdoors in the event of a heat advisory. Download the Child Care Weather Watch Chart
  • Discuss/Review Field trip  policies Discuss van/head count procedures, rules for the children, etc.
  • Share Ways for the teacher to keep cool on the playground: wear sunglasses, bottle water, sun hat,etc.
  • Provide Handouts or resources for enriching summer time activities. Here’s a great site to check out! Click here


I am very sure that your teachers will appreciate the fact that you took the time to empower them to be safe and have fun this summer! For more summer camp/program ideas, be sure to download the Summer Camp Planning eGuide.


With a Safe and Summer of fun in mind!

Shiketa Morgan

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