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quality serviceA week prior to writing this blog post, my husband checked my oil in my car and noticed that there was no oil in the car. So he told me to take the car back to the last place that changed the oil. I procrastinated and the engine light came on the day that I wrote this blog post.

So I decided to take the car to the a popular oil changing brand and they told me that the oil plug was damaged and not properly installed. So I concluded that my oil leaked out of my car due to the oil plug not being  properly re-installed.

I WAS SOOO UPSET! In fact, I thought about how much a new engine would cost me if all of the oil had leaked out of my car.

As I sat in my car to wait for the mechanic to refill my oil and fix the oil drain plug, I thought about why I was so passionate about providing high quality childcare services to families and here are my top 2 reasons:

  1. Kids need quality care and nothing less
  2. Parents Want Quality Care and nothing less

Then I decided to share my experience with my staff at our next Quality Care meeting, because I believe that when families are not provided with quality care, they feel the way that I did when I discovered that I was provided with poor service.

Moreover, after my experience, I have a greater passion to offer parents a Quality experiences and quality care. Furthermore, I next week, I will be reviewing any recent complaints and making necessary changes to assure that every aspect of my childcare business is quality.

* Tip: A Great way to tell if your parents are happy with the quality of care that they receive is by conducting family surveys. Family Survey

I would love to hear your thoughts about this blog post and also feel free to share what you do to assure that families are provided with high quality care.


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